Refund Policy


Standard University Resignation Refund Policy


For students resigning: The date that a student officially resigns from the University determines whether fees are refunded. A student who officially resigns from the University not be charged for classes) according to the following schedule:


Spring and Fall Semester:

Date of Resignation Amount of Refund

Before the First day of Classes 100%

First through the Seventh day of Classes 75%

Eighth through the Twelfth day of Classes 50%


Summer Semester:

Date of Resignation Amount of Refund

First and Second day of Classes 100%

Third and Fourth day of Classes 50%


Students who fail to cancel or resign from classes according to the above schedule will be charged for all fees associated with their registration. Once students enroll for classes, they must resign in accordance to the above schedule in order not to be assessed registration fees.


Add/Drop Fee Adjustment: Students who apply for and are permitted a reduction in hours scheduled during the first seven class days (two class days in the Summer) will be issued a full refund of the per credit hour fee for the number of hours dropped and applicable student self-assessed fees. No refunds will be issued for a reduction in credit hours after the seventh day. Students who add classes during the schedule adjustment period are required to pay the additional fee assessment in accordance to the fee payment schedule.


The following charges are non-refundable: Health Services Fee, Parking Permit Fee, Installment Plan charge, Late Payment Charges, Late Registration Fee, University Fines, Bookstore Charges, ID Replacement Charges, Credit Exam Fees, and the Application Fee. Housing charges are reduced by the Housing Office based on the student’s check-in and checkout dates. Meal Plan charges are reduced by Auxiliary Services based on the unused portion of the meal plan. Student insurance is refundable only if requested in writing to the Health Services Office within the first two weeks after the opening date of the regular semester’s registration with submission of proof of coverage under another policy.


Courses dropped with a grade of “W” are not refundable

at any time and will not be credited to a student’s account. In some cases, the refund policy will result in a reduction of charges and not a “cash” refund.